Relaxing for a moment

Relaxing for a moment

The movement of life perceived by MonaI reminded me one of the poems by Nirala- one of the great Hindi poets. तोड़ती पत्थर by Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’

वह तोड़ती पत्थर Vah Todti patthar= She mends the stone
देखा मैंने इलाहाबाद के पथ पर — Dekha maine use allahabad ke path par = I’ve seen heron the path of Allahabad
वह तोड़ती पत्थर । vah todti patthar = she mends the stone

कोई न छायादार koyee na chhayadaar = No shady tree
पेड़, वह जिसके तले बैठी हुई स्वीकार; Ped, Jiske tale baithee huyee sweekaar = so that she could sit under
श्याम तन, भर बँधा यौवन, Shyam tan, bhar bandha yauvan = black in complexion, of puberty age young
गुरु हथौड़ा हाथ Guru hathauda haath = having hammer in her hands
करती बार बार प्रहार; kartee baar baar prahar= strikes repeatedly
सामने तरु – मालिका, अट्टालिका, प्राकार । saamne taru- Malikaa = trees and giant buildings ahead

चड़ रही थी धूप chad rahee thi dhoop = It’s growing sunny
गरमियों के दिन Garmiyon ke din = Summer days
दिवा का तमतमाता रूप; Divaa ka tamtamata roop = extreme hot day
उठी झुलसाती हुई लू Uthi jhulsaatee huyee loo = heat stroke (hot winds in summers)
रुई ज्यों जलती हुई भू ruyee jyon jaltee huyee bhu = Surface of the earth is boiling as if cotton is burning
गर्द चिनगी छा गयी Gard chingee chaa gayee = polluted atmosphere with dirt

प्रायः हुई दुपहर, Prayah huyee dopahar = growing mid day
वह तोड़ती पत्थर । vah todtee patthar

देखते देखा, मुझे तो एक बार dekhte dekha , mujhe to ek baar = metaphor!! finding me looking herself, she looked once at huge building, noticing there was no one ,turned her eyes towards empty look.. And In that look I heard the music of beyond ( she said all her pain, suffering, exploitation, compulsion,fear)..and trembled ..for she has expressed..and leaned back to mending if saying..mending stones.

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6 Responses to Relaxing for a moment

  1. thanks a lot for the translation

  2. Sisira Suresh.O says:

    Nice and heart touching

  3. hari says:

    nice blog.i dont know hindi.iám surfing internet for the translation of this poem and many more stories like mawali, kachar aur admi.but no luck.
    if you provide translations also it will be a great help for others who dont know hindi

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